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Federation of small businesses UK

The federation of small business supports over 1.4 million small businesses members in the UK. This is a non profit organisation that provides support with a mission to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions.

Who is this for?

Small businesses in the start-up stages and wanting to grow. From small businesses ranging from retail, services based, agriculture to tech and manufacturing. 

Benefits of membership:

• Grow your network

o Networking opportunities and events

• Expert resources

o Webinars, legal libraries, expert subject matter content

• legal helpline

o Unlimited on-demand access to a library of legal documents, guides and templates. These are profession documents in the areas of contracts, data protection, immigration guidance, property and employment law, tax.

o 24/7 support 

• Online training resources – access to e-learning library

o Variety of course from workplace health to marketing and finance

o Certified digital course with CPD and industry recognition

o From £80 per person for 12 months

• Representation on government policy

o They will lobby the government on matters that affect small business in UK

Annual Membership fee is based on the number of employees. Apply online in 5 easy steps.

FSB event calendar:


Federation of small business:


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