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Outdoor advertising: A key marketing mix ingredient

As much as we can all appreciate the value of digital marketing, it’s worth taking a moment to ensure we are looking at the potential a quality marketing mix holds. 

Particularly the benefits of Outdoor Advertising, used alongside your existing advertising mediums, whatever they may be. With its reach, cost-effectiveness, ability to drive action and measurability, OOH (Out-of-Home) can be the ultimate wingman for your business’s marketing strategy.


As a form of OOH, billboards are a proven way to reach large audiences and establish long-term brand awareness. Advertisers who utilise billboards can integrate themselves within the community in which their campaign runs—leaving lasting impressions on viewers and the local communities. With the ability to reach 93% of Australians every week, outdoor advertising has an enormous reach. Billboards tend to be placed in high-traffic areas, allowing advertisers to reach wider audiences for less.

Cost effective

Outdoor tends to have a stigma of being a more costly form of advertising, but that’s not entirely true. Outdoor advertising is cost-effective. That’s right. It is proven that outdoor advertising costs less per impression than traditional media channels like TV or radio. Even small businesses with limited budgets can benefit from the reach and impact of billboards hold.

Targeting and measurability

Although OOH reaches a broad audience, advertisers can still closely target their intended audience/s. Billboards can focus on a specific demographic based on location, ensuring that the right people receive the advertiser’s intended message. Additionally, digital formats can be programmed by a schedule, displaying ads at specific times of the day or in desired locations, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience more effectively.

Demographics play a pivotal role in outdoor advertisment

Technological advancements allow more precise outdoor advertising campaigns, to ensure your money and efforts aren’t wasted. With various tools, such as Google Trends and Google Analytics, businesses can utilise the valuable data to recognise if they are making the right approach with their marketing campaign in terms of demographics, wording and location. Through this, businesses are bound to optimise their advertising spend to achieve their marketing goals. 

Alert & engaged

Alertness increases by 98% when out of the home, significantly boosting attention and memory. The ability of billboards to impact audiences when they are most attentive is a crucial reason why billboards should be in a business’s marketing mix. Other mediums, such as Radio, TV and social media, reach audiences at lower moments of attention, thus reducing their ability to conduct engaging advertising campaigns that convert.

Billboards are grander in size and designed to capture the attention of drivers, making them more effective in delivering a message. Research shows that people are more likely to remember what they have seen over what they have read, further proving the effectiveness of billboards. On the other hand, newspaper ads tend to be text-heavy and limited in visual appeal. Digital ads can get lost in the feed or doom scroll. 

Drive action

Actions speak louder than words, and outdoor advertising is highly effective at driving action. A recent survey found that 58% of Australians who saw an outdoor ad took some form of action, such as visiting a website or seeking more information. This successful CTA demonstrates the potential for OOH to spark consumer recall and prompt further engagement with your brand.

Your marketing mix

That’s the goal: To drive intrigue or action toward your brand or product. OOH delivers 4x more online activity per dollar spent than any other form of advertising, making billboards the best complimentary medium. Adding Billboards into the marketing mix can direct audiences to your website. Or prompt a customer to search for your brand online. Hey! Results for your Google ads.

Despite the rise of digital marketing, outdoor advertising remains a valuable tool for marketers looking to promote their brands and products to a broad, significant range of consumers. OOH’s complementary strengths make it a highly effective medium essential to your marketing mix.

The future

As the advertising industry continues to evolve, the need for businesses to nail their marketing mix has never been more critical. Today, advertisers seek to enhance their digital presence, which often leads to overlooking OOH despite its proven ability to complement every other form of advertising best. By including outdoor advertising in their marketing plan, businesses can effectively reach and engage with their target audience, build brand recognition and drive sales.

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