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The best training platforms for employees

Online learning has become a massive trend in an increasingly digital workplace.  Since the rise of new technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic, the workforce of 2023 has seen a particular shift towards remote work and online training. 

Many employers recognize the benefits of employee training software, such as improved performance and engagement, better learning outcomes for staff and more productive workflows. 

In today’s fast paced world, many have trouble concentrating for long periods as is often required in traditional employee training programs. Learning platforms allow workers to microlearn, absorbing bite-sized chunks of information at their own pace. 

This explains why employees retain 25% to 60% of the content from online training courses compared to 8% to 10% after in-person training.

To maximize your employees’ professional growth, consider how online training software can improve the learning process and create a positive workplace culture.  Here are some of the best training platforms for employees in today’s market.


TalentLMS is a versatile learning management system that supports most file formats for audiovisual content and is highly accessible to remote workers, making it one of the best training platforms for employees.

You can create videos, podcasts, presentations, and design tests featuring multiple-choice, matching, ordering, and personal response questions.

Image sourced from TalentLMS

Its content library includes ready-made courses you can purchase and tweak to develop custom learning programs for your staff.  

Talent LMS also supports integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, making it ideal for web conferences online learning through webinars, and interactive tutorials.

As the platform is cloud based and mobile-friendly, your learners can access the training courses anywhere and anytime, making it a great choice for businesses that work remotely or in various locations. 

Employees can also share messages and interact on forums, encouraging collaborative learning.


If you’re most interested in your employees’ long-term development, you may benefit from Docebo’s coaching and artificial intelligence tools. 

Like TalentLMS, this training software features a marketplace with pre-designed courses you can purchase for your organisation and combine into an employee training program.

Image sourced from Docebo

But you may need to tweak these courses to suit your staff. You can create your own training materials with Elucidat or ElectoraOnline and upload them into the platform as PDF or PPT documents, SCORM, xAPI and most common audio or video files. 

Integrated AIs also use training data to provide content suggestions and virtual coaching for your employees, helping you design personalized learning programs for them. 

While Docebo offers a reliable training system for continuous learning, there might be better choices if you want an easy to use platform or to design short-term online training.  

According to one review, its interface can be tricky to navigate and require significant customization to create the best personalized learning experience for your employees. 

ISpring Learn

In contrast, iSpring Learn is one of the most straightforward learning platforms on the market, making it an ideal solution for urgent training needs.

Image sourced by iSpring Solutions

Available as a standalone learning management system or within the iSpring Suite, iSpring Learn allows you to design any training scenario for your staff with its intuitive user interface. 

You can create your own content with any authoring tool you wish if you purchase the suite. Both options come with a free trial and a live demo is available for iSpring Learn so you can see for yourself.

 But if you want to be creative in your course design, its simplicity can be a downside. More advanced employee training software such as Docebo and TalentLMS can offer interactive features and additional customization tools for your training content.


Turning work into a game is a great way to engage and motivate your employees. 

Studies on microlearning have shown that when learners are engaged, not only are they more inclined to participate but their focus and knowledge retention increase, leading to better learning outcomes after the training. 

Gamified training platforms use virtual rewards to motivate staff such as points and badges that can be exchanged for real prizes. You can award these points to employees for completing online courses, achieving targets and other accomplishments. 

While many learning management systems include some gamification features, below are some options which demonstrate how powerful this technique can be when used at its full potential.


As its name suggests, Xperiencify transforms your employees’  work experience by providing an immersive and engaging learning environment. 

Image sourced by Captiva

Informed by research on adult psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and addictive games, Xperiencify features an elaborate points and rewards system, which grants learners points for completing tasks, which they exchange for virtual prizes and unique content. 

Badges and on-screen presentations from the platform’s corporate library can be shared with colleagues to celebrate their accomplishments. You can also use countdown timers to reduce procrastination and keep staff active in your training programs.

But these features may come with some downsides regarding creative freedom and usability. 

According to one review, the number of gimmicks on the platform can make its interface feel clunky. Content creators must also choose from a library of included images and would require coding expertise to import their own.


SalesScreen is a training software that uses visualization and gamification systems to promote happiness and enthusiasm in the workplace. 

While targeted at sales employees, it’s a great fit for any business interested in using gamification in their training process. 

Image sourced from Software Advice

Its main features include:

  • Digital coins exchangeable for meaningful rewards, including gift vouchers and event tickets.
  • Badges and marks for employees’ profile to reward hard work and key accomplishments.
  • Games for industry-specific sales training 
  • Peer to peer competitions and leaderboards.

Of particular benefit to your workplace is the platform’s emphasis on collaboration and social support. 

Employees can praise each other and celebrate their co-workers’ achievements by sending personal messages and even gifting them coins as endorsements. These endorsements can award virtual titles to employees such as “Team player” which reflect company values. 
Engagedly is a performance management software designed to improve employee engagement and your team’s overall productivity and performance. 
Imaged sourced from Capterra

You can give your staff points for achieving goals or KPIs, which they can redeem for badges and gift certificates you can use for employee wellness programs. The software’s integrated video tools also make it easier to deliver instructor-led sessions for remote workers.

What separates this platform are its unique analytics features, which include: 

  • Performance and assessment review templates
  • Statistical data measuring performance metrics such as target achievement and participation over time
  • Tools for one-on-one and 360 feedback reports
These functions make it easy to track employee performance over time and provide them with constructive feedback. They take much of the hassle out of compliance training, as employers can consistently monitor participation in mandatory programs and adherence to the organization’s policies. 

Other Considerations When Choosing Training Software

It is important to consider your employees’ circumstances when determining the best employee training software for your business. And while you can create incredible learning experiences with digital training tools, traditional face to face learning is best in some situations.
For example, online training demands a stable and reasonably fast internet connection. In today’s world, this is almost certainly available to people in large cities. 
But rural areas often have less coverage and unstable networks. Staff based in these areas will get frustrated if they cannot access webpages or participate in meetings smoothly due to signal interruptions. 
And keep in mind that some skills and topics are more suited to digital employee training than others. For safety training and physical roles such as construction or manufacturing, face to face learning with hands-on practice will likely have better results.
All things considered, employee training software can greatly improve your entire team’s performance and long-term development. Consider a platform that offers a range of content creation capabilities, communication tools that create a supportive culture, and gamification tools that make learning fun and engaging. 
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