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The office as a sales tool

When looking for a new office the decisions one makes usually revolve around factors like cost, size and location. Whilst these are important factors to keep in mind, they are not the only things that should be considered.

Inevitably at some point you will have clients that enter your space and what they see will have an impact on the impression they take away. Your company culture is one of the biggest things that will leave an impression on your clients, but how do you convey a positive business culture? Consider what your clients will see when they walk through your office. Do your staff work well with each other? 

Is there a chaotic manic vibe or do your staff come across as a cool, calm and collected team? Obviously the impression of a well-oiled machine is more likely to inspire confidence then a cacophonous cohort.

The best way to convey “cool calm and collected”, is to have an office design that not only reflects this but also facilitates it. An environment that shows collaboration, creativity, quality and dedication will indicate to your client that your company culture is working and that you are successful. Not only will this increase their desire to work with you, but their pride in working with you.

You want to show your clients that your company attracts the best and brightest talent available, and in turn you clients will feel that your company has the right employees, capable of delivering on expectation. And it’s your office design that best demonstrates this.

Every industry is different and attracts different people wanting to work in them. Having an office design that reflects your industries ethos is important. Having a fun, brightly coloured office with a foosball table may work well if you are a company of computer programmers, but would work against you if you are a company of solicitors. 

The materials you use, the furniture you have and even the dress code you adopt, will all influence whether your clients feel comfortable in dealing with you. 

Remember the old saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression”? So make sure that first impression delivers the right message. Your office design should not only represent your company but also your industry.

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Ultimately company culture is about your employees and if the acoustics in your office are bad then your employees will become stressed. It may cause them to speak louder just to heard or encourage them to put on headphones and zone out. This will convey to your clients that your staff are either competing against each other or simply not engaged with each other, neither of which demonstrates a sense of unity. Getting the acoustic design right is imperative for good employee collaboration and just as important as your interior design.

Both of those factors are interdependent and kindred in creating an optimised workspace for your employees.

When setting up a new office, remember this is not just a space to house your employees and your equipment, it’s also one of the most valuable sales tool you will have. Getting it right will not only inspire and motivate your staff, but will have a flow-on effect with your clients.

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