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Top 20 best desk accessories for the office

Whether it’s the start of a new year or the middle of a busy work period, revamping your office desk with new accessories always feels great. Being surrounded by new items is a proven way to improve mood and willingness to sit at your desk.

So if you’re looking to spruce up your desk, then check out our top 20 best desk accessories for the office.

Desk Stand

Maximizing usage of your desk space is always a great idea and this can be done with a desk stand. These are often equipped with book or tablet stands and raise your PC monitor which will improve your posture.

Desk stands can be purchased relatively cheaply and are a convenient organizational accessory to add to the list.

Desk Fan

If you are someone who writes on sticky notes or has pieces of paper strewn around your desk, then you will want an electronic suction board.

As opposed to having a messy desk, the board uses weak static electricity which lets you stick notes to it without needing tape or pins. It’s an easy way to keep notes on your desk without losing them or making a mess.

Mini Desk Vacuum

Crumbs, dust and other waste can quickly pile up on your desk – soon enough, it’s all out of control! Our workspace has a strong correlation to productivity and mental health, so a clean desk is a must for everyone.

 Mini desk vacuum’s are very convenient and portable. They can be stored on your desk or in a drawers, and they make minimal sound while ensuring you have a clean workspace.

Desk Organizer

The importance of this desk accessory is in the name.

Everyone has pens, notepads, paper clips and other office equipment on their desk. While using a cup holder can often be a good enough solution, they can be a hassle when grabbing smaller items from the bottom.

A desk organizer is a small accessory with multiple compartments for easy access to smaller stationery.

Chair Hanger

We’ve all been guilty of hanging a coat on the back of our chair. It’s convenient but can wrinkle your clothes or even fall to the floor.

A chair hanger attaches to the back of your chair and is adjustable to ensure longer pieces of clothing don’t touch the floor.


Desk jobs are notorious for causing a sore neck, shoulder and back.

The hours of sitting in one position lead to poor posture, but you can prevent some discomfort by incorporating a footrest as one of your desk accessories. 

Placing your feet on the footrest will help maintain your centre of gravity, which will help you straighten your back and improve overall posture. Some footrests are fixed while others are adjustable, so be sure to select your preferred option.

USB Blanket

If you’re in one of the colder parts of the world, then you will appreciate the importance of warmth in the form of a USB blanket. They are large enough to cover up to below your knees and generate enough heat to sustain warmth in peak Winter temperatures.

Aroma Diffuser

Pleasant scents are a great touch for your workspace and an aroma diffuser can do just that. Small diffusers are only strong enough to deliver scent within your personal space, so you won’t have to worry about affecting your co-workers.

With more than 30 scents to pick from, this one easily makes the list of the best desk accessories.

Air Purifier

If your office feels dusty or breathing feels congested, then you can easily solve this problem with an air purifier. There are many compact air purifiers that can fit on your desk without taking up much space and they are ideal for those who suffer from asthma.


Dry seasons can make your skin and eyes lack moisture, creating an uncomfortable work environment. A compact tabletop humidifier can deliver enough moisture in the air and it’s safe to place near your PC.

And they are as quiet as a library. 

With only 30dB of noise, you won’t be disturbing anyone and one water supply will last for 10 hours.

Wrist Rest

Using a keyboard and mouse for eight hours a day can stress your tendons or even damage them from overuse. That’s where a wrist rest comes in handy as one of the best desk accessories.

They are made of low-resilience urethane foam created from space engineering that wraps around your wrist. It distributes the gravity evenly when hitting the keyboard, reducing arm and shoulder fatigue.

Heating Cup

Many companies are looking to reduce waste and heating cups are a great option for achieving this. They resemble a silicon tumbler and when plugged into a PC with a USB it heats up your drink.

It’s a convenient method for keeping your favorite beverage warm without always using a microwave.

Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless chargers have become popular in recent years due to their ease of charging smartphones without connecting them to a cable. Usually, you charge your smartphone by placing it on top of the device, but the problem is that it takes up a lot of space on your desk. 

But no there are even more convenient alternatives that present a better proposition. 

Attach it to the back of your desk and supply power, and the top of your desk instantly turns into a wireless charger. You can charge your smartphone just by placing it on your desk, so there is no need to set up a dedicated charging space.

Keyboard Brush

Those guilty of eating at their desks or people who just like to keep things in pristine condition should add a keyboard brush to their list of best desk accessories.

They are designed to reach every part of your keyboard without removing any keycaps. You can also use it for brushing your laptop screen or parts of your monitor stand that would be difficult to clean.

Clip Drink Holder

Knocking your drink and spilling it all over your desk is the last thing you want to do. Instead of placing a drink on the desk, use a clip that can be attached to the side of a desk.

The holder has enough depth to secure most glasses or mugs and can be clipped onto a space that’s out of accidental hitting range.

Stationery Tray

We’ve covered multiple stationery solutions, but those fond of greenery will love what this offers.

Trays with artificial grass are pleasant for the eyes and have enough space for storing pens or other stationery. Green is proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and make the workspace more attractive.

Reusable Smart Notebook

Some people work better when given a pen and paper to jot down points or their thoughts. A reusable smart notebook lets you write on its pages using the included pen. What sets it apart is its remarkable feature: you can effortlessly erase your writing on these pages with a damp cloth, enabling you to reuse the same page repeatedly.

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

The less clutter the better, and the easiest method for achieving this is saying goodbye to wires.

Wireless keyboards and mice are too convenient to say no to. Moving desks becomes effortless and you don’t have to deal with wiring getting stuck. And if purchasing batteries is a nuisance, then you can always opt for rechargeable batteries.

Magnetic Phone Holder

In the fast-paced world of modern work and communication, a magnetic phone holder designed for laptops emerges as a chic solution. 

Whether you rely on your smartphone for work tasks or simply desire the convenience of having it readily accessible without the constant need to pick it up, these sleek holders discreetly attach to the back of your laptop, offering both functionality and style.

This clever accessory ensures your phone is always at arm’s reach, streamlining your workflow and keeping your workspace tidy.

Fidget Accessory

Items like fidget magnets and spinners have become popular choices for those seeking a touch of diversion in their workspace. 

These engaging gadgets not only inject a bit of fun into your work area but also serve as stress-relief tools, making them a valuable addition to your desk setup. It’s a subtle distraction that can boost focus and productivity during those moments when a mental breather is needed.

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