Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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The great resignation in Australia was a pivotal and unforeseen period in time which completely changed the work dynamic between employers and employees. The great resignation began in the United States, where approximately 4.5 million workers quit their job during November.And before we knew it, the trend made its way to Australia and up to 1.3 million workers quit their job during 2021. But what caused the great resignation in Australia? What impact did it have on the job market and is it still around?Causes of the great resignation in AustraliaWe all agree that the Covid-19 pandemic sparked a lot of changes across the entire globe. Everyone’s attitude towards freedom and basic human interaction completely changed – especially towards work life balance. The world learnt about hybrid working effectiveness and Australian employers were willing to provide remote work conditions to remain operational during a challenging period. Many employees ended up suffering burnout and working lives were mostly affected in a negative manner. The impact of the pandemic on employeesLike the rest of the globe, many Australian employees across all industries faced job loss due to restrictions and lockdowns. This dilemma created a lot of job insecurity and Australian workers that were once confident in their job roles, were now uncertain if they could keep their positions. The uncertainty sparked Australian workers to reassess their career paths and find jobs which offered greater security. The number of people that experienced isolation, burnout and job dissatisfaction drastically increased as the rules of the pandemic imposed many restrictions. While …

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